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IDD (Instructor Dive Development) is the first European professional dive organisation that developed the modular teaching system and is a leader in the European diving world. IDD was founded in 1992 in the Netherlands. We offer training of all levels at the highest quality.

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Would you like to experience floating under water? You can! We offer two introduction courses. A day course where you take your first steps and experience what it's like and the multi-day introductory course where you make a start towards the real diving certification and you experience even more the magic of diving.

By the way, an introduction dive is also a great experience with a group. A group of friends or for example a company outing.

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Did you know that there are only a few worldwide recognized dive certifications? The IDD certification is next to PADI, SSI and NOB the Dutch training organization with hundreds of affiliated diving schools in the Netherlands, Curacao, Thailand and many more places in the world. We are proud to say that we have been around since 1992 and we were the first European professional dive organisation to develop the modular teaching system. Besides the basic diver courses we also offer many specialties which you can do if you have been diving for a while. If you are certified by one of the other organisations that is no problem.

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There are thousands of diving schools worldwide. Many of them are recognized by IDD and use the modular training method developed by IDD. We have partners in Thailand, in Curacao in the Netherlands and of course in many more places and countries in the world.

Every dive shop is different. Sits in a different place. Some start in a swimming pool, others have a nice sheltered outdoor area. One thing we know for sure. Every dive shop is fantastic and will give you that special experience you are looking for. 

Diving for children 

Diving is for all ages. So you can join an introduction dive. Alone or together with your friends. Or if you want to become a real diver you can join the Dolphin Ranger diving courses from the age of 7 and grow from a Tuimelaar to a real Orca. If that is not enough for you you can continue with the Junior Open Water course. The introduction dives are great for a birthday party!

Insure well and cheap

If you're going to dive, you also need insurance. Not the first thing you think about when you are planning your experience. But it is necessary. Something will happen! We want to make it as easy as possible for you. With our experience since 1992 we really know what you need. And we also know that diving is not the cheapest sport. Therefore we have made arrangements for you at a low price. In other words, IDD insures you for the best coverage at the best and in any case best price. We offer insurance for recreational divers, for Divemasters, Assistant Instructors and Instructors (and above) of IDD. We also offer a collective accident insurance for all members, Divemasters and Instructors (and above) of IDD. This insurance provides coverage as long as the accident occurred during a diving related activity.


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Diving starts with theory. It gets you in the mood and saves you a lot of time at the diving school. An online diving course is available for almost all courses. Start your training today!