AED course

Learn how to use the Automatic External Defibrillator.

When the heart stops beating, time starts ticking. What do you do if a diver on the waterfront suddenly collapses or your friend in the street suddenly stops breathing? The sooner you start CPR and AED, the better their chances of survival.

An AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) can restore the heart rhythm after a cardiac arrest. In case of a cardiac arrest the heart does not stop completely, it only seems that way. The ventricles are stimulated in a very quick and chaotic manner, causing them to stop contracting. This is called ventricular fibrillation. An AED is then needed to reset the heart and make it beat normally again. This resetting is called defibrillation.

You will learn to use the A.E.D. device in this course.

Good to know - Crucial first 6 minutes

When someone suffers cardiac arrest, the first 6 minutes are crucial. The sooner CPR is started the greater the chance of survival. The sooner you start resuscitation the greater the chance of survival Did you know that the chance of survival decreases by 10% every minute. Rapid reanimation using an AED within 6 minutes increases the survival rate by 70%!

Who may operate an AED?

In the Netherlands everyone may use an AED, but in this course you learn how an AED works and you practice connecting and operating it. If you really need to use an AED you will have peace of mind and no precious minutes will be lost.

What do we cover in this course and how is the course structured?

During the training extensive attention is also paid to avoiding accidents, because 'prevention is better than cure'.


After your training you will be able to operate the AED in a professional manner. This certificate is valid for 2 years.

This certification is always good to have. Even if you never dive again. Do you want to go one step further in diving look at our diving courses.

For companies, clubs and FAFS

  • We also provide these courses for companies.
  • This course is also suitable as part of the BHV & ARBO company emergency response plan.
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