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Whether you start as a snorkel diver or opt for an introductory scuba dive, it starts at IDD! At IDD you are assured of the highest quality and a training that adapts itself to you.

IDD certifications are recognized worldwide!

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Do you want to snorkel or do you want to go straight into the depth. With an IDD diving course it is all possible.

Floating. Feeling weightless and free. Enjoying nature. Fun. Diving exclusive? No, diving is possible for everyone. Also for you, because diving is much easier than you think. You only need the right diving equipment and you need to know what you are doing. And we know exactly how to teach you that! IDD is one of the world's recognized dive training companies. Hundreds of diving schools are affiliated with us and successfully use our simple modular teaching method.

Do a digital test dive

To dive well, it is important that you know what you are doing. For example, you can't just tell another diver underwater that you want to go back up or that you want to take a look at that wreck you see in the depth. Therefore we always start a diving course with theory. And you can do that from your lazy chair. Very nice, because it also gets you in the mood.

Make sure you're properly insured.

Safe and relaxed diving requires good preparation and preparation includes good insurance. And let us take care of that for you. Our goal. Good insurance for a good price.

Learned young.

You can of course go snorkelling once you have your diploma. All our diving schools offer the best snorkelling dives. Take a look. Snorkeling is a lot of fun. Floating on the water you see a lot underwater. If you want to explore the underwater world even more, you can get a diving certificate from the age of 8. The Dolphin course is specially designed for you. Together with your friends you become in steps a Tumbler, then a Beluga and when you are ready you cut through the water like a real Orca. Would you like to try first? That is also possible, sign up for an introduction dive. That is a trial dive.


Get inspired for your diving adventure

Diving is something you have to experience in real life. That is the most fun. But you can already get excited in the IDD World of Diving. You can see the most beautiful photos and videos and read about which dive sites in the Netherlands and the rest of the world are beautiful and special. 

Make sure you have good diving equipment

If you are going to dive for the first time then you can either borrow or hire a suit from the dive centre where you are going to do your training. The diving school can also advise you on the diving equipment you need and tell you where to buy it if you want to have your own diving equipment. But IDD would not be IDD if we did not already give you a helping hand. We like to explain to you what to look for in a diving equipment. How to put on a suit, etc.. In our webshop you can also find some articles. Not a complete diving suit, because a diving suit should fit like a glove and you should not buy that online, unless you know exactly what you need.

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