Cavern Diver

Learn what to consider when cave diving to depths of 40 meters.

The IDD specialty Cavern Diving lets you experience a completely different world. We discover the secrets hidden in caves all over the world. The Cavern Diving Specialty teaches you to plan and explore dives in caves to a maximum depth of 40 meters. We go into the cave for the adventure, but we still see the ambient light from outside so there is always an easy way back to open water. We teach you how to prepare yourself and take the right measures to enjoy the serenity and beautiful stone formations.

What we are going to do

We alternate theory lessons with a well-tuned practical programme.

We alternate theory lessons with a well-tuned practical programme, in which we deal with:

  • the use of a line and a reel;
  • on the emergency procedures at Cavern Diving;
  • navigating a cave;
  • the use of a diving torch and any emergency air source;
  • controlling your buoyancy;
  • and preventing the blow-up segment.

What you need

 The right diving equipment. Check with your dive center to see if you have the right equipment and/or if they can help you with this.

Join us

Come to one of the affiliated sites and sign up for this unique specialty.


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