Deep Diver

Training for diving to a depth of 40 metres.

More diving experience, more confidence, being one with your equipment. It is time to broaden your "diving horizon"! And what is better than to go to that wreck that lies at a depth of 20 meters, or to go to that deep fan coral or to look for sponge on a deeper part of that reef wall. With the IDD deep dive course we make sure you know how to control your biggest obstacle 'the human body' for a long stay underwater. We teach you everything you need to know to prevent oxygen or nitrogen poisoning and decompression sickness. Deep diving opens the door to other diving activities such as wreck diving. After completing this specialty you can dive to a depth of 40 meters and look for more challenges and a different underwater world.

What we are going to do

First we want to know why you want to go deep diving. We discuss the reasons and want to know how important it is. The goal is to know your personal limits. Deep diving is not without danger. So we really want you to know what you are getting into.

Of course, we will then cover a theory part. The theory is followed by 2 outdoor modules.

  • Specialized deep diving equipment.
  • Deep dive planning
  • Procedures for buddy contact
  • Controlling your buoyancy

What you need

  • Minimum age for participation: 15
  • Advanced diver


After obtaining this certification you are certified to dive to a depth of 40 meters.

Join us

Come to one of the affiliated diving schools and register for the training.

deep dive course

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