Transfer your knowledge and take the diving instructor course.

Is diving your passion and do you like to share your knowledge? Then the Divemaster course is for you. The IDD Divemaster is an all-round trained professional with great experience. The IDD Divemaster course teaches you how to take charge of your diving activities and how to teach everything you know to your students. We do this through (online) theory lessons, exercises in the water and workshops. After this training you will be able to assist with diving instructions, give some diving courses independently and also be able to certify these. You will also be able to organise and supervise all kinds of diving activities at diving schools, diving resorts and liveaboards, both at home and abroad.

What we are going to do

We alternate theory lessons with a well-balanced practical program. You will also do internships at various dive centers so you can polish up your knowledge in practice!

What do you need to think about for the course?

  • We go into the role and characteristics of the Divemaster
  • We cover supervising diving activities and assisting divers in training
  • Of course we also discuss diving safety and risk management
  • We will discuss the programs that can be taught by a Divemaster and the special skills that are required.
  • We give you insight into the diving industry and the opportunities that are available to the divemaster
  • You become a source of information for your environment
  • You become an expert in material
  • We teach you all about the organisation and management of a dive. You can create an open water dive card and you learn how to give dive briefings.
  • You will become a true logistics manager
  • And we'll work on your first aid skills.

All this makes this course for the aspiring IDD Divemaster a demanding but also a rewarding experience. Your own knowledge and experience will be refreshed and expanded. Your pleasure in diving, but also your self-confidence, will have increased.

What you need

  • You are 18 years old
  • You have your Rescue diver certificate
  • You have your Medical Trained or equivalent licence
  • And you have at least 40 logged dives (not including training dives)


After completion of the training the Divemaster may assist with the preparation, selection and organization of the courses for in and outside water (training) and independently give, organize and examine courses from Dolphin Ranger Tuimelaar up to Introduction Diver.

Join us

Come to one of the affiliated diving schools and register for the training.


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