Dolphin Ranger Beluga

Become a real Dolphin Ranger. 

Have you already earned your Dolphin Ranger Bottlenose dolphin certification? Then you are ready for your next adventure! You are well on your way to becoming a real ranger, learning more about marine life and improving your diving techniques. This is the course for the experienced Bottlenose diver. When you are ready you are a real Dolphin Ranger Beluga!

The Dolphin Ranger program consists of 3 parts

Als IDD organisatie willen wij graag kinderen op een vertrouwde, leuke en simpele manier de gedragsregels van het duiken aanleren. We hebben het programma daarom in 3 delen verdeeld.

  1. Rocker
  2. Beluga
  3. Orca

What we are going to do

  • You learn through theory and practice to further improve your diving techniques.
  • Je doet minimaal 10 oefenduiken in het zwembad of confied open water
  • Maximale duikdiepte is 3 meter

What you need

  • Minimum age for participation: 7
    Swimming certificate A.
  • Dolphin rangers certificate or equivalent
  • je hebt al 10 vrije duiken gemaakt


After completing the course you will receive the IDD Dolphin Ranger Beluga certification. With this certification you are allowed, under supervision of an IDD officer, to dive together with a certified Dolphin Ranger Tumbler or Beluga at maximum 3 meters.

Only one more certification to become a full Ranger. Check out how to get your Orca certification!

Cool? Thought so. Sign up!

Kom naar één van de aangesloten  duikscholen en schrijf je in voor de opleiding Dolphin Ranger.


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