Dolphin Ranger Orientation

Try to find out if you like diving. 

Are you 7 years or older and do you think it is cool to swim underwater? Then try an orientation dive in the pool. You can just breathe underwater with your diving equipment!

If you like it very much, you can join the dolphin ranger course afterwards to get your first swimming certification.

What we are going to do

  • We can offer tailor-made solutions to the student, because we work with a modular learning system.

  • You will get the explanation you need to make an orientation dive.

  • You make 1 time an orientation dive in the pool under the guidance of an IDD divemaster or higher.

  • Maximum diving depth is up to 2.5 meters

What you need

  • Minimum age for participation: 7
    Demonstrated swimming ability or swimming certificate A.


You will receive a certificate with your name and date that you have made an orientation dive.


Real Dolphin Rangers are the coolest boys and girls from 7 to 12 years old who want to discover the underwater world and learn more about marine life. If you liked the orientation or if you want to learn more right away, then the Dolphin Ranger training is really something for you!

Cool? Thought so. Sign up!

Come to one of the affiliated diving schools and register for the orientation.


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