Drysuit Diver

Extend your diving season or experience diving in cold water.

Are you ready to push your limits? Do you love diving and want to dive all year round or do you want to dive in ice cold water? Then it is important that you dress warmly. A drysuit seals your body off from the water and keeps you at a comfortable temperature. Diving with a dry suit requires different diving techniques. The buoyancy is different for example. With the Dry Suit Course we teach you the right techniques and we make sure that you can explore the most amazing cold water dive sites. Some of the places you dive in summer also offer better diving conditions in the cold months.

What we are going to do

The first thing we will do is find out which type of dry suit and corresponding underwear suits you best for the type of dive you want to make. Conditions can be different in different places. For every condition there is a solution. In this course you will learn what to look for and how to maintain your equipment.

Of course we are going into the water!

  • We teach you how to put on and take off a dry suit with minimal support.
  • We teach you to control your buoyancy
  • We will teach you the diving safety procedures that are appropriate for the use of a dry suit
  • The course consists of at least 1 theory module and at least 2 outdoor modules with a dry suit

What you need

  • A dry suit. Check with the dive centre whether you can borrow or hire one.
  • Minimum age for participation: 10
  • (Junior) Open Water Diver certification

Join us

Come to one of the affiliated diving schools and register for the Drift Diver course.


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