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Learn to dive safely and discover the underwater world. Have fun!

In 3 steps your junior open water diving certificate!

Whether you start as a snorkel diver or opt for an introductory scuba dive, it starts at IDD!
At IDD you are assured of the highest quality and a training that adapts itself to you.

IDD certifications are recognized worldwide!

Get your theory
with the online course

Practice in a safe environment

Dive into the open water with an instructor

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Learn to dive like a dolphin

At IDD you can learn to dive safely and relaxed from the age of 8 with the Dolphin Ranger course. You will start as a Dolphin Ranger Tumbler in the pool or confined open water and in the last training Dolphin Ranger Orca, you will make 2 orientation dives in open water.

Snorkeling takes you into a whole new world

You could compare the first time snorkeling with discovering a new world. Snorkeling is cool and children can learn it easily. You can meet a lot of different animals: fish, sea anemones, sea urchins, hermit crabs, shrimps.

Junior Open Water Diver

Are you 10 years old and do you really want to learn to dive independently? Then the Junior Open Water Diver certification is really something for you! Super fun and you will become a real diver. You will learn almost everything from the normal Open Water Diver course.


Find out what else you can do 

If you are a bit older and have your real adult certification Open Water and then Advanced Open Water then you can make some really cool dives. How about diving to a wreck and looking for treasure? Or diving into a hole in the ice? Take a look at the special diving courses we organise. 

Do you want to dive on holiday? You can do it! At IDD centres you can go worldwide.

You are on holiday with your parents or friends in a beautiful country, with an even more beautiful sea that you would like to discover. At IDD Dive Centres you can get professional diving instruction according to internationally recognized guidelines and the sale or rental of diving equipment. Novice divers and divers who want to know more or learn more can always ask for information at an IDD Centre.


Get inspired by these beautiful videos!

Make sure you have good diving equipment

If you are going to dive for the first time, you can borrow or hire a suit from the diving school where you will be training. The diving school can also advise you on the diving equipment you need and tell you where to buy it if you want to have your own diving equipment. But IDD would not be IDD if we did not already give you a helping hand. We like to explain what to look for when buying diving equipment. How best to put on a suit, etc.. 

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