- Diving instructor -

Take the leap into the deep and become a diving instructor at IDD Professional

As an IDD dive instructor you are an expert in training divers. For example, with the Specialty Instructor qualification you show that you have a lot of knowledge and experience.

You will then belong to one of the specialized Dive Instructors in the diving world.

From Divemaster to Instructor to Examiner. Pass on your passion and experience!

What is more fun than sharing your passion with others? Show what else is out there and even make it your profession if you want to. Or to have a nice extra income. IDD offers many possibilities. You can become a Master Diver and train children to become a Dolphin Ranger or you can become an Open Water Instructor and help new divers to get their Open Water Dive certification or if you love diving to wrecks and want to share this with others then you can become a Specialty Instructor. Check out our Professional Programmes to see if there is something for you.


Giving diving lessons and diving yourself is the most fun there is. You want to do that without worries. Therefore we have set up a good insurance. So that you feel comfortable when you're busy.

Cross over to IDD

Are you an instructor with PADI, SSI, NOB or another organization and would you like to use our modular training system? Then you are very welcome! IDD is based in The Netherlands and we like convenience and little hassle. Our instructors and the diving schools that provide IDD training are very important to us. Therefore, we like to make things as easy as possible for you. We provide you with course material, we support you in getting your certification and we arrange insurances. Actually we try to do everything, so you can do what you like most. Give diving lessons.

Please contact us so we can tell you more about the IDD training possibilities.


With IDD Medical Trained Instructor you can offer your students just that little bit more

First aid and CPR are important for everyone! After your training as an IDD Medical Trained Instructor you will be able to teach with an even better sense of safety.

Diving training for people with disabilities

Did you know that there are special courses for disabled divers? Of course they do! They also want to dive. But teaching requires more of you. Therefore we have special training for instructors who want to teach this group.