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An IDD Examiner assesses candidates in the Instructor Final Exam on their transfer of the modular teaching system.

How to become an examiner

To obtain IDD Examiner status, an IDD Course Director must submit a written application to IDD Headquarters, or be nominated by the Headquarters office. After the selection process, the applicant will receive a written confirmation of their eligibility to sit for the course examiner. The examiner examination will be at least 1 full day. During this day, the Course Director and Instructor Training Course topics will be evaluated. After a positive assessment by the examination committee (auditor/examiner), the applicant is certified as an IDD Examiner.

What you need

  • Be in possession of the IDD Course Director licence
  • Be in possession of 10 valid IDD specialty instructor licences
  • Actively promote and support IDD activities
  • Actively supporting the IDD philosophy


After obtaining the certification, the IDD Examiner is a member of the IDD staff body (review committee) that deals with the establishment of procedures and methodologies. The IDD Examiner must remain well trained and ensure that he/she keeps abreast of the latest developments in the diving industry.


  • The IDD Examiner may organize and teach an ITC, but the examination (IFE) must be conducted by the head office designated IDD Examiner or Auditor Examiner.
  • The IDD Examiner may independently organise and examine Cross-over courses in cooperation with the IDD Headquarters.
  • The IDD Examiner may independently conduct the 5-day Course Director Course Program. However, the exam must be administered by the head office designated IDD Auditor Examiner.
  • The examiner is also a district representative for the sector designated by the IDD head office and maintains contact with the diving associations and diving schools in his sector.
  • The IDD Examiner may not actively participate within another dive organization. With the exception of written permission of the IDD Headquarters

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