Full Face Mask Open Water Diver

Learn to dive more comfortably with the full face mask.

Diving is an adventure. The globally recognized IDD Full Face Mask Open Water Diver course teaches you everything you need to know to explore the wonders of the underwater world together with your buddy.

The Full Face Mask, with or without communication, has made its appearance in the diving world. You will notice that diving becomes a lot more pleasant. This training is aimed at making you familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of diving with a Full Face Mask. Diving with a Full Face Mask increases the pleasure in recreational diving even more.

What we are going to do

We can offer tailor-made solutions to the student, because we work with a modular learning system.

  • You start with the theory about the Full Face Mask and diving
  • Diving exercises in the swimming pool and/or sheltered outdoor water
  • Je doet minimaal 6 zwembad of beschut buitenwatermodules
  • Je doet minimaal 5 modules in het buitenwater onder begeleiding van een IDD instructeur.
  • You perform at least 1 independent planned dive
  • Maximum diving depth is up to 20 metres

What you need

  • Minimum age for participation: 12


After completion of the course you will receive the IDD Full Face Mask Open water diver certificate. From age 12 to 14 you may only dive with an adult licensed open water diver up to 20 meters.

What can you do next?

Did you get your Full Face Mask open water diver certification, then you can continue to the Advanced Open Water Diver course. Learn to dive deeper, further and even more spectacular. 

Join us

Kom naar één van de aangesloten duikscholen en schrijf je in voor de opleiding Full Face Mask Open Water Diver.


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