- Advanced diver -

Push your boundaries and discover new possibilities

When you have gained more diving experience and confidence in diving, the time has come to broaden your "diving horizons". At IDD you are assured of the highest quality and a training that adapts to you.

Advanced Open Water Brevet. The next step.

Once you get the hang of it, you'll want to go deeper and deeper. That is the moment you are ready for your next certification. The Advanced Open Water. Once you have that it opens the door to even more specialties to make diving more fun, more exciting and more spectacular.

Cross over to IDD

Do you already have a PADI, SSI or NOB certification? No problem at all! Everyone is welcome. We just want to know what certification you have and what course(s) you have done. Let us know and we will tell you how to get your IDD certification and which IDD courses you can do based on the certifications you already have. 

Choose from one of our many
IDD diving schools

There are thousands of diving schools worldwide. Many of them are recognized by IDD and use the modular training method developed by IDD. 

Every dive shop is different. Sits in a different place. Some start in a swimming pool, others have a nice sheltered outdoor area. One thing we know for sure. Every dive shop is fantastic and will give you that special experience you are looking for.

wreck diving

IDD offers more than 25 specialties. From diving to wrecks to ice diving. 

Diving becomes more and more fun when you have more experience. The more often you dive and the further you get with your certification the more exciting it becomes. IDD has over 25 specialties. 

Diving and insurance: which ones are useful to have?

Diving is fun, but it is nice when you can go out without worrying. Therefore a good diving insurance is nice for your peace of mind. With all the experience of years of diving IDD has the best and cheapest diving insurance in the market. Isn't that nice?

diving insurance