IDD Refresher Programme

For those who have not dived for a long time and want to refresh their knowledge. 

A diving licence is for life. But if you have not dived for a long time, it is nice to bring your knowledge up to date again. IDD has put together a refresher course for this. In no time at all we will bring you up to standard so that you can dive comfortably and safely. It does not matter whether you once did your certification through IDD or through another organization. In the latter case, we do do an extra knowledge test. But after spending some time with our instructors, this test will be a piece of cake.

We start with an intake interview

  • We discuss what you can do, when you last dived and if you still have your logbook, we go through that too.
  • We would like to know how many dives you have made and under what conditions and in what diving environments?
  • It is also good to know how your last dives went. 
  • Based on that information, we will see what we can do for you. We would also like to hear, for example, which diving skills you would like to practice?

What we are going to do

We will go through the following topics in any case. After all, developments do not stand still.

  • Using the Stabilising Jacket
  • Using the regulator
  • The diving mask
  • The use of the instruments, pressure gauge, depth gauge, watch and dive computer (if applicable)
  • We practice the hand signals
  • We discuss the effects of pressure differences


Under supervision, we will go into sheltered water or open water. We will prepare ourselves together and we will pay attention to things like this: 

  • During the assembly and adjustment of the diving equipment
  • The buddy check,
  • The launch and the descent

Once in the water

In the water we will do the following exercises

  • The controlled descent
  • Take off the mask, put it back on and blow it empty.
  • Vintip first way
  • Provide neutral buoyancy and float.
  • Locate automatic with neutral buoyancy
  • Give octopus with neutral buoyancy and take off, both as donar and as receiver.
  • Toure of pleasure
  • The controlled ascent

We watch how you do it and give you tips. After this day you will be completely recovered and you can confidently go into the water with your buddy! Feels good, doesn't it?

assistant instructor

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