Would you like to become a member of IDD?

Of course that is always possible. We are a dive organisation for everyone, whether you are a Snorkel Diver or one of our executives. As a dive organisation we want to provide a good service to everyone.


A membership also includes a membership fee. For a membership you get a worldwide diving insurance. The other benefits of membership are:

  • Apply for a new license with 60% discount.
  • As soon as possible we send a message to the diving school, where you are affiliated, that you have completed your diving certification (you have priority if you are a member) if you have forgotten your certification.
  • Discount on educational materials.
  • Every year 20% discount on your entry ticket to the Duikvaker in Houten.

Costs of membership per year including insurance: €39,50


As you know, situations may arise during diving whereby you are liable to your buddy and/or other divers for material or personal injury caused by your actions or omissions. It has emerged that many divers are not properly insured. They have continuous travel insurance that covers the sports diver but not third parties. A continuous travel insurance does not provide all the cover you would like. The continuous travel insurance is only intended for you and your own equipment.

The Labour Inspectorate has recommended that divers take out insurance to cover liability claims that can mount up considerably. This insurance also provides cover for accidents, including decompression.

  • Excellent accident insurance with cumulative coverage up to 350%.
  • Global coverage.
  • Insured for decompression on a cost basis.
  • Additional cover for plastic surgery, damaged teeth, repatriation costs and a daily allowance in the event of hospitalisation.
  • Insured for liability during all diving related activities with an insured sum liability up to € 2.500.000,-.

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