Master Instructor

Become an expert in training divers. 

An IDD Master Instructor has extensive experience in training divers (IDD Basic Courses and IDD Specialties). He assists an IDD Course Director, IDD Managing Course Director in an Instructor Training Course (ITC). An IDD Master Instructor is a member of the IDD Staff Committee, which is responsible for establishing procedures and methodologies for IDD training courses.

How can you become a Master Instructor?

This is not a course. If you meet the conditions below you can apply for this certification at the IDD headquarters.

What you need

  • Minimum age 18 years
  • You are already a Staff Instructor
  • You have been an active Staff Instructor at least once during an Instructor Training Course (ITC).
  • You have certified at least 50 students. Of which at least 15 specialty licenses
  • You support the philosophy and activities of IDD 

Apply for your Master Diver Instructor certification

Contact the main office.

master instructor

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