Multilevel Diver

Diving at multiple depths.

More effective diving, that's the thought behind this specialty. And that is possible! By making an ascent to a shallower depth within the maximum dive time, the total dive time can be increased. In the past dive profiles were calculated from the surface to the maximum depth. The dive computers used today continuously analyze the depth and calculate the combination so that you can use the dive depth more effectively. If you go to shallower depths, you 'keep depth', so to speak. But also when you dive without a dive computer you can determine this yourself. In the Multilevel Diver course we teach you how to plan dives with more depth levels (multilevel) with the help of tools.

What we are going to do

  • We're going to talk about nitrogen uptake and nitrogen removal. This is important for multilevel diving. We will also explain the decompression models that computers use.
  • You learn to plan multilevel dives using the IDD dive planner.
  • We are going to plan a dive consisting of two levels (dive depths).
  • Then we will plan and make a three level dive.

What you need


You will receive after successful completion the certification Multilevel Diver. Depending on your level you may dive to 40 meters deep. The maximum dive depth is related to the highest certification level. The Advanced Open Water Diver is allowed to dive to a depth of 32 meters. The Specialty Deep Diver may dive to 40 meters.

Join us

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