Open Water Instructor

The hub of a dive center or dive resort.

Throughout our lives we are busy acquiring knowledge and learning skills. An Open Water Instructor must also be able to transfer this to his students. In order to provide the aspiring Open Water Instructor with the correct didactic knowledge, insight and attitude, IDD has developed an Instructor Training Course (ITC). In the ITC you will learn how to deal with the modular teaching system and various components will be addressed that will lead to becoming a professional instructor. As an IDD Open Water Instructor you are allowed to teach and certify various diving courses, from Snorkel Diver to Assistant Instructor.

What we are going to do

In at least 4 days we will cover the following:

  • Course orientation
  • Explanation of the IDD Modular Education System
  • Preparation, skills and techniques
  • Positioning of instructor and assistant
  • Attitude of the instructor
  • Continuing education
  • Diving accident statistics and analysis (DOSA)
  • Grading (theory lessons, pool and outdoor lessons)

The course ends with a 2-day exam.

What you need


An IDD Open Water Instructor is qualified to conduct all basic training up to and including the IDD Assistant Instructor certification.

Join us

Come to one of the affiliated 5 star centers or register at the head office and enroll in the training.


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