Oxygen provider

Learn how to administer oxygen in case of diving accidents.

Oxygen is a matter of life and death. What should you do if a diver comes to you showing signs of decompression sickness? Give first aid as soon as possible and administer oxygen. In this course divers and non-divers alike learn how to administer oxygen in the event of a diving accident until professional help arrives. Oxygenation increases the chance of survival and limits residual damage.

This course is intended for everyone and is the logical continuation of the Medical Trained course. 

What we are going to do

Learning to effectively and safely administer 100% oxygen to one or more persons at a time who may or may not be breathing independently.

Besides theoretical knowledge transfer we also work practically:

  • We teach you about the three oxygen systems
  • We assemble and disassemble the oxygen systems, so you get to know the various parts well.
  • And we teach you how to apply the oxygen systems in a responsible way to one or more victims.

What you need


After your training you are able to administer oxygen in a professional way. This certificate is valid for two years.

If you want to take it one step further, have a look at the Rescue Diver Course or become a Medical Trained Instructor.

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