Rebreather Diver

Diving with the Rebreather, ideal for the underwater photographer. 

Diving with the rebreather opens a new world. Especially diving with the CCR ensures that you can enjoy the underwater world in silence, guaranteed without air bubbles.

There are two types of rebreathers. The SCR, Semi Closed System Rebreather. With this system the breathing gas is continuously led through a nozzle into the breathing bag in a certain amount (constant dosage). Because of this the pressure in the rebreather increases quite rapidly. This pressure is released to the surrounding water through an overpressure valve. For this reason these Rebreathers are not completely free of air bubbles.

The ultimate rebreather is the CCR Closed System Rebreather. The special feature of this Rebreather is that it is a self-mixing system that guarantees a constant partial pressure of oxygen, independent of the dive depth. The closed system does not release any air bubbles and this can be useful for a number of specialties. The Closed System comes in two versions, addition of oxygen for shallow dives or addition of more complex gas mixtures. In this version gas meters and computers are needed to monitor the decompression.

What we are going to do

We are going to offer you both home study and classroom lessons. Through our online learning platform you can already learn a lot about the different rebreathers that are available and how they work. We then reinforce this knowledge through a classroom lesson. It's important that you understand how the systems work and the importance of a properly rigged and maintained rebreather set. Because rebreathers differ a lot from each other you will also have to read the manufacturer's manual for the type of rebreather you will be diving with during the course.

During the dives you will learn to:

  • Properly carry out pre-dive checks
  • Teach yourself to keep the loop closed when the mouthpiece is not in your mouth
  • Perform checks on bubbles
  • Performing the bailout drills and dealing with other potential problems
  • We're going to fine-tune the alignment
  • We are going to focus on keeping a close eye on the dive computer and the instruments
  • We are going to go over the procedures for after the dive and we are going to disassemble the set after the dive

We do a minimum of 1 theory module and 2 out of water modules.

What you need

  • Minimum age SCR (Semi Closed) 15 years
  • Minimum age CCR (Closed) 18 years
  • Advanced Diver + EANx;


After completion you will be able to handle the rebreather properly and you will be ready for your next adventure.

Join us

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