Rescue Diver

Learn to prevent and manage problems.

A challenging course focused on emergency situations. You will learn to rely even more on yourself. As a well-trained rescue diver you will be able to respond effectively and quickly to situations that are out of the ordinary. During this course the focus will be on preventing an emergency situation (prevention), leading a rescue (management) and locating and rescuing a victim in and immediately out of the water.

Knowledge of first aid

Of course, the (diving) medical knowledge will also be touched upon. Therefore a thorough knowledge of First Aid and reanimation is necessary for following this course.

Being serious

The IDD Rescue Diver course is of great importance to every diver who is serious about diving. Not only is the Rescue Diver able to help himself in an emergency situation, but the Rescue Diver is also the first person on the water's edge to provide assistance to a distressed buddy or other diver.

In the event of a diving emergency or when organising a diving activity, the Rescue Diver is an excellent assistant to the diving instructor.


By completing this course you will gain an invaluable amount of knowledge and experience, which will greatly enhance your diving safety and confidence.

A serious course. But.... in the end it's also just a hugely enjoyable course!

What we are going to do

Become a professional

Would you like to become a professional diver? The possession of the certificate Rescue Diver is necessary.

Join us

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