Search & Recovery Diver

Learn to search and plan.

Puzzle and search under water! It is always annoying when you have lost something while diving. But someone can also just accidentally drop something in the water from the quay or from a boat. Just imagine. Looking for something under water. Let's just have a very nice training for that! And actually it is secretly very nice. A puzzle tour under water. The search and recovery diver course helps you to find certain objects and possibly later to recover using various techniques and procedures.

What we are going to do

The most important thing is good organization. The first step is to gather background information so you can carefully plan your search.

We focus in the course on:

  • Diving search patterns using compass navigation and natural navigation
  • We search for small objects using various search patterns
  • We are going to use a lifting balloon to bring small objects to the surface
  • We'll organize a search and plan based on facts

What you need

Join us

Come to one of the affiliated diving schools and register for the training.

staff instructor

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