Specialty Instructor

Become one of the specialized Dive Instructors.

It doesn't matter if you just got your Open Water Instructor certificate or if you have already done several dive courses. With the Specialty Instructor qualification you show that you have a lot of knowledge and experience. You belong then to one of the specialized Dive Instructors in the diving world. Because you have more knowledge and experience of the different aspects of diving you are able to pass on the lessons to others in an enthusiastic way. There is also the satisfaction of seeing that your students are very satisfied and enthusiastic.

The possibilities are endless

Be guided by the power of your adventure. IDD will lead you to that goal, because we offer our customers the highest quality service. By participating in an IDD Instructor Specialty course you also increase your safety at the same time.

What we are going to do

In each Specialty Instructor course, the specific parts of the specialty are covered.

  • IDD Standards & Procedures of the relevant specialty.
  • Theoretical background information.
  • Evaluation of (diving) skills.
  • Teaching and evaluation techniques.

What you need


After completing the course you will receive the worldwide recognized IDD Instructor certification for the Specialty you have specialized in.

Join us

Come to one of the affiliated diving schools and register for the training.

specialty instructor

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