Wreck Diver

Training for wreck diving.

Dive into the past and have fun! Wrecks of ships, planes and even cars. Sometimes sunk on purpose to form an artificial reef, sometimes sunk for other reasons. Always teeming with marine life. Fascinating for both the tracker who wants to unravel mysteries and for the nature lover who wants to get to know the sea life. The IDD Wreck Diver course is one of the most popular courses. And with good reason, because the certification opens doors to great underwater rewards.

What we are going to do

The training begins by reviewing the guidelines for investigating and leaving wrecks undisturbed. Remember that wrecks still have an owner and may have great historical value. Sometimes there may even be ammunition or explosives left behind. Naturally, you must not touch those. Some wrecks are even protected by legislation aimed at preserving their historical and cultural significance.

In diving we cover the following:

  • The safety rules to bear in mind when navigating around wrecks
  • How to investigate and chart a wreck
  • How to use a line and reefer when exploring the inside of a wreck
  • We will teach you techniques to avoid using your fins and flippers to stir up silt and disturb the wreck and its inhabitants

What you need

Join us

Come to one of the affiliated diving schools and register for the training.

wreck diving

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