Master Trainer

The stepping stone to IDD Course Director.

You love to provide training and you love to organize. With the step to Master Trainer you will join the top of the IDD family and help our beautiful sport become more professional. You will help the instructors to train more students in a good way. You will have more and more contact with IDD headquarters and you will support the Course Director where possible.

What it entails

As a Master Trainer you assist during an ITC and teach under the supervision (indirect oversight) of an IDD Course Director. You stay well informed of the latest developments in the diving industry and of course the safety requirements. As a Master Trainer you support the instructors and the Course Director with the organization. A Master Trainer is the step up to the position of Course Director.

What you need

  • Minimum age 18 years
  • You are already a Staff Instructor
  • You have been an active Staff Instructor at least once during an Instructor Training Course (ITC).
  • You support the philosophy and activities of IDD

How do you become a Master Trainer?

You will not take a course for your Master Trainer licence. If you meet the requirements, you must be nominated by an IDD Course Director, an IDD Managing Course Director, an IDD Examiner, or staff from IDD Headquarters. Your nomination will be reviewed and if approved, you will receive your certification. 

Apply for a Master Trainer

We would love to hear from you. The more Master Trainers, the more beautiful our sport becomes!


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