Ultimate control over your buoyancy.

Perfectly balanced. Ultimate control. Perfect control underwater. Float effortlessly, use less air, ascend and descend as if by magic. That's what sets you apart from less experienced divers. It seems like it almost happens automatically. Being aware of your influence on the environment. Let yourself be inspired by the nature you are entering. It is important that you behave like a good guest and that you do not leave a footprint or damage the underwater life. The ultimate balance is also necessary for the underwater photographer. IDD's Buoyancy course teaches you to improve your buoyancy skills.

What are we going to do?

We start with theory and then go into the pool or confined water 2 times. There we will teach you the tricks of the trade before practicing 2 more times in open water. 

  • Determining the exact weight you need. Not too light and not too heavy. Just enough so you feel like you're floating in space.
  • We'll also help you get your weight distribution under control, so you'll be fully balanced in the water.
  • Besides that we will work on the use of energy. We want you to use your energy as economically as possible by using air more efficiently and moving through the water more smoothly.

What you need

  • You are at least 10 years old
  • You are in possession of a (junior) open water diver certificate


After obtaining your certification, you will be able to float effortlessly in any position in the water. Vertically or horizontally. Without losing your orientation.

Join us

Come to one of the affiliated diving schools and register for the Buoyancy course.


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