Course Director

For anyone who wants more in the diving industry.

The IDD Course Directors are the masters of diving instructors. The course director takes care of the instructor training. You teach instructors the best of the best and show them how to transfer knowledge to students. IDD is known for its quality and safety and this of course also applies to the training courses at the highest level of the organisation. The IDD Course Director training is for anyone who wants more in the diving industry. As an IDD Course Director you need to have a high degree of confidence in what you know, as you are challenged by instructors, divers and colleagues. Therefore, the information you convey must always be safe and accurate. As a Course Director, you ensure that students have confidence in you and are well prepared to teach, both above and below the water surface.

IDD organizes several Course Director training courses in different places all over the world. The training is given in a relaxed atmosphere and pleasant surroundings. This allows you to fully concentrate on the training, without the worries of daily life.

What we are going to do

In at least 5 full days, a wide variety of topics are covered:

  • Education and teaching instruction;
  • Communications and Marketing;
  • Staff Instructor Course;
  • Pool and Open Water presentations at all levels;
  • Evaluating theory lecture presentations and pool / confined water presentations;
  • Evaluating out-of-water presentations;
  • We will cover organizing an IDD Instructor Training Course, IDD Staff Instructor Training Course, IDD Specialty Instructor Course and organizing an IDD Medical Trained Instructor Training Course;
  • Evaluation of students;
  • An important part is that we also discuss the standards and procedures.
  • The exam lasts one full day;

What you need

  • Minimum age 18
  • At least 1 year Staff Instructor
  • You are enthusiastic about IDD and you actively promote and support its activities
  • Of course you support the IDD philosophy;


Upon completion of the course you will be a certified IDD Course DIrector. Among other things, this means that you:

  • Provide the 4-day Instructor Traning Course (ITC);
  • An IDD Open Water Instructor may train as an IDD Specialty Instructor in the specialties in which you have Instructor Trainer status.
  • To train an IDD Master Diver Instructor.
  • Train an IDD Staff Instructor

Join us

Please contact the IDD Headquarters if you would like to take this course.


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