Altitude Diver

Diving in a crystal clear mountain lake.

Are you ready for a unique experience? Imagine the following. You're driving your Buddy up the mountain. At some point you come to a crystal clear lake. You put on your diving suit. Make your plan and dive together to a well-preserved wreck... Do you see it? You can. Diving at a location above 300 meters / 1000 feet above sea level is considered a dive at altitude. Conditions such as air pressure are completely different than diving in the ocean. For this reason there is also a separate training, so you learn what to expect. Together with an experienced instructor you will dive into the wonderful world of a mountain lake. There are few divers who have done this. Adventurous and exciting!

Plan your dive, dive your plan

As an Open Water Diver you have learned that the IDD Dive Planner is designed for dives up to 300 meters above sea level. Dives above 300 metres above sea level require special procedures and dive tables and therefore require special training. In the IDD Altitude Diver course you learn about the effects of pressure at higher altitudes and how to adapt your dive plan accordingly.

What we are going to do

We will start by learning how to plan dives in locations where the ambient pressure is different. You will also make real dives and learn more about: 

  • Planning and organizing dives at altitude, and the procedures and techniques for doing so. Plan your Dive and Dive your Plan.
  • You will learn how to use and set the dive computer. This is different than at sea level. We teach you how to calculate mountain lake profiles.
  • And of course we teach you how to prevent problems and how to act in emergency situations.

What you need

  • Minimum age for participation: 10
  • You have a (Junior) Open Water Diver


After completing the course you will receive your certification and be able to show everyone that you have dived in mountain lakes and know what is important.

Join us!

Come to one of the affiliated 'Take the Challenge' diving schools and register for the Altitude Diver course.

Even more fun courses

We have many more fun certifications if you like challenges. How about ice diving? Or wreck diving? Check out our specialty page to see what kind of courses we offer.


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