Orientation Dive Full Face Mask

See even more of the underwater world with the latest full face mask. 

Nowadays you see more and more people diving with a Full Face Mask. Would you like to try it out? Make an introductory dive and get carried away to another world. You will experience what it is like to be underwater in a swimming pool or in the open water without immediately committing to a diving course.

What are we going to do?

We can offer tailor-made solutions to the student, because we work with a modular learning system.

  • You will be explained how the Full Face Mask works and how you will make the orientation dive.
  • You will make 1 orientation dive in the pool and/or sheltered open water under the supervision of an IDD Full Face Mask Instructor.
  • Maximum diving depth is up to 6 metres

What do you need?

  • Minimum age for participation: 10


You will receive a certificate with your name and date that you have made an orientation dive with a Full Face Mask.

Other great (continuation) beginners courses

With an orientation dive you will have a fun day and experience what it is like to breathe under water. Do you want to take a step further, but you are not sure yet whether you want to get your full face mask pen diving licence, then take a look at the Ocean Explorer Program. This is the introduction to the full certification and is the multi-day introduction.

But of course you can also directly enroll for the full Full Face Mask dive training. Or choose for the Open water Diver training.

Not yet 10 but you want to dive?

Then we are 2 possibilities:

diving equipment

Would you like a more detailed introduction?

Ocean Explorer

Ocean Explorer

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