Side Mount Diving

Diving with a compressed air cylinder on the side of your body.

Sidemount is a diving configuration where diving equipment is placed next to the diver, under the shoulders and hips, rather than on the back of the diver. Sidemount diving is used primarily by technical divers for Cave Diving and Wreck Diving. It can facilitate entering both a cave and a wreck. The compressed air cylinders can be easily removed when needed. Recreational divers also use Sidemount simply because they enjoy diving. The motivation for using a Sidemount can therefore vary considerably. If you want to learn to dive with a Sidemount, make sure you have proper dive equipment. Your diving skills and especially your buoyancy must of course be good.

What we are going to do

We are going to show you the advantages of diving with a sidemount configuration. We will do this both during a confined water dive and three open water dives.

  • We teach you to properly set up and configure sidemount diving equipment.

  • We'll cover trimming so that your weight system and sidemount gear are perfectly balanced in the water.

  • We'll teach you how to manage the gas supply when you're carrying two compressed air cylinders. 

  • And we teach you to react correctly during the sidemount dive to possible problems.

  • The training consists of at least 3 theory modules, at least 4 open water modules and at least 1 independently planned open water module that is performed under direct supervision.

What you need

  • You are at least 15 years old
  • You have your Advanced Diver certification.

Join us

Come to one of the affiliated diving schools and register for the training.


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